6 Email Marketing Pointers to Improve Your Campaigns

Read the 6 Email Marketing Pointers to Improve Your Campaigns

6 Email Marketing Pointers to Improve Your Campaigns

Email is one of the most successful types of digital marketing, with an ROI of $42 for every dollar invested, as you've certainly read several times. But you definitely aren't aware of the fact that only 29% of marketers are proficient at using email marketing.

Every individual has the potential to benefit from email marketing, but few marketers are actually adept at using the techniques that deliver excellent results and increase brand awareness. So, if you're searching for original strategies to improve your email marketing, you've come to the perfect location!

Here are some suggestions for improving the effectiveness of email marketing efforts as well as six strategies to make your emails stand out.

1. Use Powerful Subject Lines

More than ten emails are probably sent to your subscribers each day. So how can you write emails that are compelling enough to get their attention? Nothing works better than experimenting with topic lines.

According to research, 47% of subscribers decide whether to open an email based just on the subject line. Even more astonishingly, 69 percent of recipients will mark your email as spam only based on its subject line. Your email marketing campaign's success or failure may depend on the subject line.

2. Utilize Personalization

Personalization involves more than just acknowledging a subscriber by name. In fact, according to research by Janrain and Blue, 96% of clients receive mistargeted advertisements via email.

Personalization in email marketing should reach people, not just email inboxes. Customers anticipate pertinent material that will provide a special and memorable experience.

Fortunately, email service providers provide you with useful information and tools to produce emails that resonate with your audience.

While by combining it with automation, ActiveCampaign elevates personalisation to a new level.

You may gather a plethora of data about your subscribers and modify your automation strategies by making use of the features offered by these email marketing solutions.

3. Use Ready-Made Email Templates

The conflict between email marketers over customised vs. pre-made email templates never seems to be resolved. Both, though, have advantages and disadvantages. Custom templates, for instance, might provide you with limitless options but also need custom coding, making them more difficult and frequently more expensive. It typically takes 2 – 10 days and costs over $250 to create a fully functional and useful bespoke email template.

Nevertheless, ready-made templates can be for you if you're worried about saving time and money. While you may not have complete creative control or the ability to build exactly what you want from zero, templates do offer something valuable that the majority of email marketers seek: platform and quality testing carried out by email service providers. This basically implies that the templates you use have already been tried and shown to work in previous campaigns.

For instance, Mailchimp offers you optimised templates that are already filled out with photos and prose and ready for customisation; all you have to do is add your content and distribute it to your mailing list.

The greatest option for sending last-minute email campaigns with quick results is to use pre-made email templates because they are quicker to construct and have enough capabilities to put up a quick campaign.

4. Create Clear and Focused Calls-to-action

Although general calls to action like "purchase now" or "shop now" may be effective in certain contexts, they don't always have the impact needed to motivate your audience to take action.

In order to persuade email recipients to perform the required action, creativity is essential. The button is your only opportunity to pique their attention long enough for them to click, whether it be to download an online course you've created or join up for a webinar you're conducting.

5. Provide Social Proof

Have you ever bought something only because it had more reviews than another option? The likelihood of this is yes.

Why? Humans seek advice from others, and when numerous individuals favour one thing over another, decision-making is made easier. We refer to this as social proof.

This idea can help you as a marketer sway the decisions of your subscribers and future clients.

You may include social proof in your email marketing in a variety of ways. Mentioning the number of visitors that signed up for your mailing list via your homepage or lead magnet is the most typical.

6. Gather Insights from Email Marketing Tools

The lifeblood of email marketing initiatives is email marketing tools. The majority of programs provide you with enticing features like autoresponders, a large number of templates, drag-and-drop editors, and numerous integrations. A/B testing, statistics, and reports are the most potent tools that can considerably aid your email campaigns.

You may get crucial information from these elements, such as email open rates, delivery rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates. Some are more complex and include comprehensive features like the campaign's actual quality and templates that track more conversions.

In fact, since they automate a significant portion of your campaign objectives, email tracking systems are among the most effective marketing techniques.