Top iOS App Development Trends in 2022

Check out the top iOS app development trends in this post.

Top iOS App Development Trends in 2022

App development for iOS is among the most intriguing and well-liked areas of the diverse IT industry. It makes sense, given that analysts project that by 2023, sales from mobile apps will have exceeded $935 billion globally.

Businesses work hard to adapt to the shifting needs of the public. Additionally, customers have access to over 25,000 brand-new iOS apps that are released each month. You should consider iOS app development trends if you wish to maintain your top industry positions.

Otherwise, you run the chance of losing out altogether to your rivals and falling to the position of a second-place participant.

Here are the top iOS app development trends in 2022.

Swift 6

Choosing an appropriate programming language is the first step in the process. Swift has made a name for itself as a straightforward, user-friendly technology for iOS app developers. It is frequently utilised by teams working on iOS apps at major corporations like Apple, Slack, SkyGuide, LinkedIn, etc.

What, then, makes Swift so useful and efficient for creating iOS apps? iOS developers can concentrate on writing logical, high-quality code thanks to advantages like compatibility, stable APIs and modules, straightforward syntax, and many others.

Because there could be significant changes brought about by the release of Swift 6, experts are unable to provide a particular timetable. The language's capabilities are predicted to increase significantly.

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

In iOS app development, ML and AI are not fresh concepts. Without face and voice recognition, search suggestions, Siri, text and image classification, and other comparable features, it would be difficult to imagine an iOS app being successful.

All of these functionalities are now necessary for creating custom iOS apps and significantly raise the calibre of your final project. Because of this, ML and AI implementation will continue to be a key trend for iOS in 2022 and beyond.

Apple customers are familiar with Siri, a smart voice assistant that responds to voice requests. In order to use Siri's voice control capabilities, iOS developers have been embedding Siri with their applications since 2016.

Augmented reality

One of the most recently adopted trends in iOS development is augmented reality. On iOS platforms, practically every area of human endeavour has seen AR-mania in recent years. Take Pokemon Go or the animated faces and emojis on Instagram or Snapchat as examples of how popular it is in the entertainment industry.

However, AR also penetrates a variety of industries, including marketing, medicine, design, etc. Giants like IKEA or L'Oreal adopted this trend in iOS app development to provide customers the ability to view how their items seem in the setting in which they would be used, facilitating and streamlining the decision-making process. iOS developers and users have new chances and experiences thanks to the ARKit 5 framework.

IoT and HomeKit

The Internet of Things is a great illustration of how crucial it is to link iOS app development to developments in users' daily lives. It is a technology that enables people to easily use all of their gadgets by connecting them to a single system.

Apple unveiled a unique home automation framework named HomeKit in June 2014. It makes it possible to control IoT devices from an iPhone or Apple Watch in addition to integrating devices from various suppliers into a single IoT ecosystem. Siri, a voice-activated personal assistant, can even be used to operate these gadgets, including lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, safes, fans, shades, coffee makers, and a lot more.

App Clips

App Clips are typically simple and serve a single purpose, such as paying the bill, booking a hotel room, renting a bike, and performing other similar tasks. Users can download this lightweight (less than 10 MB) functional program mini-versions instantly after scanning a certain QR code, clicking a link, or travelling to a specific place.

If they are not used for 30 days, AppClips are automatically removed from the iPhone. Since they are reviewed by App Store administrators, they are just as safe to use as ordinary apps, so consumers should not be concerned about privacy concerns.

A stage of iOS app development that deserves special attention is creating application clips. Its accomplishment serves as a tipping point for the overall success of your application. Make sure your users will find it appealing and very informative.


In the list of the top iOS application development trends for 2022, cloud-based iOS apps should have their own section. They can manage, store, and manage vast volumes of data without degrading the user experience.

An iOS app can now be created using the data storage and transfer mechanism known as CloudKit. Complex jobs can now be completed with less restriction, and users' expectations can now be met.