7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics to Help you Step up your Game

Step up your business game in LinkedIn with these 7 tactics.

7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics to Help you Step up your Game

LinkedIn is the biggest resource for B2B marketers, including over 660 million registered professionals. So, if you aren't already on the network or haven't been using it to its best potential, it's time to reconsider. The best LinkedIn marketing strategy can do wonders for your personal company and, in the long run, your business.

This post will teach you how to increase your LinkedIn marketing efforts, whether you're selling yourself or your organization. Let's get started.

How to Market on LinkedIn?


Check out these 7 marketing tips for the platform:

1. Optimize Your Profile

This may appear to be the most fundamental step, but it's easy to ignore when you're working on more complicated LinkedIn marketing methods. Whether you're marketing through a corporate website or your personal account, it's critical that you update your profile to increase your chances of being seen.

Begin by uploading a high-quality profile image that is relevant to the organization. A photo on your profile increases your profile views by 21 times. While business pages can utilize the brand logo as a profile photo, individual profiles should use high professional headshots. However, this may differ depending on your business and brand personality.

2. Publish Content that Adds Value

LinkedIn marketing is less about generating sales-y promotional messaging and more about delivering value to your audience's life. In fact, B2B marketers who prioritize their audience's informational needs account for 88 percent of the best content marketers.


As a result, you should use LinkedIn to produce, share, and publish material that serves a purpose, whether that aim is to educate, inform, advise, inspire, or entertain your audience. This increases the likelihood of your audience engaging with your material and developing a connection with you or your organization.

When someone interacts with your post, it may appear in the feeds of their contacts, boosting your reach even more. Here's an illustration:

It should be noted that you are not required to share solely your unique stuff. But, even if it's from a 3rd party, don't be afraid to share smart and helpful stuff relevant to your sector. This will establish you as the go-to source for useful industry information. However, consider using the native LinkedIn publishing platform every now and again.

3. Get your Employees Involved

LinkedIn is all about making relationships. Your employees, as the most dependable supporters of your brand, may play a vital role in widening your reach and growing your network on the site. As a result, your LinkedIn marketing approach will necessitate extensive participation from your employees.

Encourage your staff to include your company's information in their personal profiles. This converts them into followers and helps your organization gain visibility on the platform. Furthermore, it will make it easy for your employees to interact with your company's developments and share them with their networks. They can share news, stories, or round-up postings showcasing your company, as shown in the example below from Moosend.

4. Send out Personalized InMail

Consider getting it a step further with customized InMail in the same vein as employee participation in your LinkedIn marketing. Although this function is only accessible to individual Premium users and not through a LinkedIn Company Page, it would be a great way to tap into the experience of others in your organization.

So, whether sales professionals or recruiters are reaching out to leads or interacting with prominent individuals, sending an InMail directly to their mailbox can often suffice. Because it is more personalized, the recipient is more likely to notice and react to it. In fact, LinkedIn InMail receives three times the number of answers as ordinary emails.


As a result, it's ideal for promoting your goods and services to highly targeted prospects. Send out offers, provide fresh content, and keep recipients up to date on the latest products that may be of interest to them depending on their profile.

Consider this a wonderful approach to reach out to and interact with influential people on the platform. Including a personalized InMail with your connection request, for example, is a terrific approach to attract their attention and maybe convince them to take the request.

5. Matched Audiences Feature

When running advertising on LinkedIn, another fantastic LinkedIn marketing approach is to target the most relevant audiences. The Matched Audiences tool allows you to achieve just that by enabling you to retarget those who have visited your site and also people who are already on your account or email contacts.

Because these people are already familiar with your business or personal brand, there is a greater probability that you will covert them. Because most consumers will not convert on their first engagement with your company, this feature makes a significant difference in your LinkedIn advertising efforts. Retargeting them, on the other hand, will gently remind people of your existence and progressively nudge them toward a transformation.

6. Rich Media to Create a Huge Impact

Despite the fact that LinkedIn is a professional platform, you should not limit yourself to text-only posts. Adding aesthetically appealing components such as photographs and videos, much like on any other social media network, will help you catch the attention of your LinkedIn intended audience more successfully.

Including custom images in your posts can result in twice as many comments, significantly increasing your overall reach and involvement rate. In addition, video increases your engagement rate by 5 times, making it an essential component of any LinkedIn marketing plan. The most astonishing figure comes from live video, which has a stunning 25 times greater engagement rate.

7. Feed with Analytics Data

Finally, it is critical that you conduct some homework before diving into LinkedIn marketing. Otherwise, you'll write hundreds of posts randomly without seeing any tangible results, and all of your efforts would be for naught. The integrated LinkedIn analytics data provides you with a detailed breakdown of how your posts are doing.


The LinkedIn integration provides even more insight into your performance data for Sprout Social customers. It delivers precise audience demographics data to optimize your targeting efforts in addition to measuring the growth and engagement rate of your corporate pages. It even allows you to analyse how your organic content performs in comparison to paid marketing, allowing you to better measure the impact of your spending.


LinkedIn, with the correct strategy, can be a strong engagement center for both businesses and entrepreneurs. The suggestions we've given above will offer you an idea of how you may boost your LinkedIn marketing.

But don't overlook that it all starts with finding the proper folks to target. None of these suggestions will have the desired impact until you can reach the intended audience.